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Salt and Water: 15%
Packaging:        220 Litre Drum with 150kg Weight
Size:                 12 - 15cm Diameter

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If you are a supplier of Cocoa Beans and you are willing to export your product, send us the following information:

1. MOQ
2. FOB price
3. CIF Shanghai port
4. Payment terms
5. delivery time

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JOIN THE WISE INVESTORS! Considering the current situation of Nigeria, the current price fall in Oil, it is beyond reasonable doubt that, AGRICULTURAL COMMODITY EXPORT is the solution to the problems we have in our economy. We must go back to those days, where AGRICULTURAL COMMODITY EXPORT is the mainstream of the Nigerian economy.

Now the government is beginning to realize this fact, and they are considering this area seriously starting from this year. The wisest thing to do is to take opportunity of this investment opportunity.If you are interested in learning about AGRICULTURAL COMMODITY EXPORTING BUSINESS you can sign up for our ONLINE export training. We can train you anywhere you are in the world as long as you have any of the following medium: Desktop Computer,Laptop,Ipad or smartphones and Internet Connection. For you to enjoy this feature, you must have a Skype or Facebook account. With this channel, we can open a one-on-one chat tutorial session for you.This training takes three hours for 2 days. You will fix an appropriate date and time for your training yourself and send them to us. We will cross-check it with our schedule and come to a mutual conclusion with you.  Our ONLINE training package features mostly practical sessions on practical steps to start the agricultural product exportation business.

  • Introduction to Exportation of Agricultural Products
  • Export Planning
  • Export Financing 
  • Contract Sourcing 
  • Agricultural Products Sourcing and Transportation 
  • Export Documentation 
  • Method of Payment and Payment Terms
  •  Insurance
  •  Quality Assurance
  • Processing Export License e.t.c
  Note: All topics will be discussed in the realistic picture as to what is happening currently in the export market regarding the topic.

Training Cost:           N40,000
Training Duration: 2 Days Training of 3 Hours per section.
Note: It's not compulsory for the days to proceed consecutively. You can choose any convenient days.

To book for the training, kindly send us an e-mail, or call any of the lines below.

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We have the answers. Agricultural Commodity Export Business is a profitable business that everyone is interested in doing but the problem for most people is THE CAPITAL. At TOSFAT Concepts, we have devised special methods of raising business capital for you, no matter where you are in the world. Funny enough, NO LOAN IS INVOLVED.

We have prepared a special exclusive report which will only be available to a limited number of people on "HOW TO START AGRICULTURAL COMMODITY EXPORT BUSINESS". How much do you think we should charge for this report??????????????????

In this season of surprise, this report is AMAZINGLY FREE OF CHARGE. To get this report, send your name, your country,e-mail address and occupation to our e-mail address:

We will mail you the report in 48 hours.

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The following procedures apply in respect of Non-Oil Exports from Nigeria

1.The Federal Government of Nigeria has appointed Cobalt International Services Ltd as Pre-Shipment Inspection Agents (PIA) for Non-Oil Commodity Exports from Nigeria.

2.For those undertaking Non-Oil Commodity Exports, the procedures for arranging inspections are straightforward, and the following steps are provided for ease of reference.

3.The Exporter should collect a NIGERIAN EXPORT PROCEEDS FORM (NXP Form) from their Bank, then complete and return the Form to their Bank for registration. The Exporter should photocopy the NXP form so that it may be referred to in any correspondence.

4.The Nigerian Export Supervision Scheme (NESS) Administrative charge should then be paid to a Designated Bank, for which a receipt will be issued.

5.The Exporter’s Bank will then forward the 5 copies of the NXP Form, and the Designated Bank a copy of the Receipt for the NESS Administration Fee, to Cobalt International Area Office in Lagos, Kano or Port Harcourt; whichever is nearest to the point of inspection.

6.The Exporter should also complete a REQUEST FOR INFORMATION FORM (RFI Form), from one of the Company’s Area Offices.

7.The RFI Form is designed to provide the PIA with general information to enable the inspection to be undertaken as efficiently as possible, such as where and when a particular consignment is due to be exported, contact details and shipping information etc. After completion, the RFI Form should be submitted to one of the Cobalt International Area Offices.

8.A period of 10 days notice should be given to Cobalt International prior to the proposed date of inspection.

9.The Exporter should also provide Cobalt International with any other relevant documents relating to the export transaction, such as Contract of sale, Pro-forma Invoice and Letter of Credit details.

10.The Exporter should provide all necessary support to enable the PIA to perform the inspection at the inspection site.

11.Following a satisfactory inspection of the quality, quantity and value of the Export, Cobalt International will issue a CLEAN CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION (CCI) within 3 working days which the Exporter should collect from the appropriate Area Office of Cobalt International.

12.In the event of uncovering discrepancies that cannot be corrected immediately, the Exporter shall be issued with a NON-NEGOTIABLE CERTIFICATE OF INSPECTION (NNCI).

 13.Exporters should also provide Cobalt International with a copy of the Final Commercial  Invoice and a packing list

I hope this will be of help to you.

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Foreign Charcoal Buyers Dupe Nigerian Exporters

Read this extract from Cargo Defense Fund....

More Nigerians are falling victims of fraudulent practices of foreign buyers in the international charcoal business, the Cargo Defence Fund (CDF) has reported.
Miss Azuka Ogo, the Secretary of the Fund, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) last week in Lagos.
Ogo said that cases of fraudulent activities received by the CDF had risen from 27 to 32.
 She alleged that outstanding claims owed Nigerian charcoal exporters amounted to more than N97.4 million, excluding interests and damages.
Ogo cautioned Nigerian exporters not to accept hook, line and sinker information received from foreigners who tended to woo them at seminars on international trade.
 She said that the major problem was that Nigerians usually exported their commodities on ``open account’’.
``Open account’’ means trading without a letter of credit which assures the seller of money available for payment by the buyer’s bank.
Ogo said that the Fund needed to seek mediated resolution in line with the best practises in contemporary business relationship to reverse the trend.
 She said that the CDF was ready to take legal action against foreigners who were unwilling to negotiate or were out-rightly fraudulent.
``We request all those involved in this unfair trade to conduct proper due diligence check on their partners including the company’s credit rating before entering into any contract,`` Ogo said.
 The scribe, had on Dec. 21, 2011, alleged at a news conference in Lagos that massive frauds were being perpetrated against Nigerian exporters by charcoal buyers from European countries.
The Fund named the perpetrators as business partners from Germany, Poland Spain and Netherland....

The above problem was as a result of getting wrong contract. Most exporters do not investigate their buyers before entering into agreements and some do not know how to carry out their investigation.

At TOSFAT Concepts, we get reliable buyers for exporters and we can also assist you in investigating a buyer if you already have a contract at hand for a reasonable service charges.

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Securing export contract is the most predominant problem facing exporters of agricultural products in Nigeria. even those who managed to secure the contracts could not secure contracts with favorable terms.At TOSFAT Concepts, we have brought solution to the problem of contract sourcing. You no longer need to go through the endless hassles of contract sourcing. We source contract for various agricultural products and minerals with reasonable service charges.

Our contract sourcing programmes are as follows:
 1. Immediate Contract Sourcing: This service is available for those who need immediate export contract.We usually choose from already sourced contracts on ground for such exporters. In case, we do not have your requested contract on ground, we have to move you to SHORT TERM CONTRACT sourcing.( See No. 2)

2. Short Term Contract Sourcing: This service is available for exporters who needs contract within 1 - 3month. We usually source export contract for exporters within the above time frame. This service is good for exporters who carefully planned their export operations and for new aspiring exporters starting fresh.

3. Long term Contract Sourcing: Under this service, we source contracts within the period of 6months-1year. This option is available for those who have long term perspective for their exporting business. We usually target the contract towards the estimated time the exporter will need the contract.

We source export contract for exporters across Africa.

Contract sourcing has been made easy!!!

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