Monday, 3 August 2015


If you need export contract for any of the following commodities: Garlic,Shea Nut, Shea Butter, Hardwood Charcoal,Ginger,Sesame Seed,Hibiscus Flower,Yam,Soya Beans,Coffee,Rubber and Groundnut/Peanuts.Provide us the following information:
1. Detailed information on your product and your company
2. Picture of your product
3. Your best price (FOB)
4. Your company contact information
Send this information to: and we will notify you immediately when your export contract is available.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Kosso wood export contract is available for exporters who can meet up with the following specifications:

Size: 200cm Long
Shape: Square
Pieces: 110-120pieces/20 feet Container
Additional Information: It must be straight,with no bark,branch,decay,sap and pest.
Exporters who can meet up with this criteria should send us their C&F,Haigphong Port, Vietnam price and also send loading pictures to

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As a local producer of agricultural commodities e.g. Hardwood Charcoal, Shea Nut, Groundnut, Cashew Nut, Shea Butter, Ginger, Garlic, Kosso Wood e.t.c , it is important for you to maximize profit  from your sales. I will be discussing various ways by which you can maximize your profits and be different from other producers.

Most agricultural commodities producers makes little profit but believes they are making good profits because of their lack of exposure, probably because most producers stays in the rural/remote area. You can increase your profits by following these steps to create a unique selling point:

1.Improve your Commodity Quality: Improving your product quality is of paramount importance if you are interested in raking in more money. You have to know the general international specifications for your product and tailor your commodity to the specification. With this, you will enjoy more patronage from exporters and domestic users of your commodity.

2. Improve your Commodity Packaging: Packaging is of utmost importance in every business. Use new and beautiful materials in packaging your commodity. Also, package strictly to your buyer's specification. If your packaging  is okay, more exporters and local buyers will be interested in patronizing you.

3. Maintain Good Business Relationship: Most local producers or sellers, do not learn to maintain relationships. Some believe in a one time business transaction. Your attitude to your buyer is very important, it is what will guarantee his return or giving you business referrals. There is a saying that, "your attitude will determine your altitude".

4. Be Exposed: You need to be aware of various happenings in your industry. It is also important to seek more knowledge by attending various workshops organized by government/private bodies about your commodity of interest.Some government bodies organizing workshops are: FIIRO, IITA, CRIN, FRIN e.t.c.You also need to advertise your commodity online to generate more local buyers.

There are lots of other methods to increase your sales which we will be discussing later. I assure you that if you follow this advise, you will be smiling to your bank at the end of the day.

For those interested in subscribing to our Online Advert Service, it's simple. Just send us, your Name, Name of the Commodity you are selling,Office/Factory/Farm Address,Phone Number,Email Address to and make a payment of N10,000 only. Your information will be displayed on our blog for 6 months and you will be receiving calls from different buyers across Nigeria.

We wish you a successful career.

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Gbeke Faith
Chief Consultant
TOSFAT Concepts

Friday, 17 July 2015


Agricultural commodity import business is a profitable business that has been in existence for a long time. To venture in to this business, the importer needs to be well informed of the import regulations in his country and also have concrete information about suppliers of the commodity of his interest in the sourcing country.

To get suppliers information, you need the help of a consultant specializing in  that area and experienced in the country of your interest where you are requesting supply. We can assist you with our African Exportable commodities Import consulting. This is a special service for foreign importers of African export commodities all over the world. We will assist you with the following:

  •     Identifying local locations producing good quality of the commodity of your interest
  •     Identifying target quality suppliers
  •     Verifying authenticity of suppliers
  •     Direct mandate/Representative Service

We can easily work on suppliers from Nigeria  because we are based in Nigeria. For more information, you can send us a mail to:

Warm Regards,
Gbeke Faith
Chief Consultant
TOSFAT Concepts

Monday, 13 July 2015


COMMODITY            PRICE/ton (N)
Groundnut                      275,000
Soya Beans                   135,000
Red Sorghum                 65,000
Red Palm Oil                 24,000/100 Litre
Onion                            120,000

Details of other commodities will be brought to you later. If you are interested in exporting any of this commodities or other commodities not listed here, kindly send a mail to: or if you are an exporter interested in our consulting service,kindly go to: and click on e-consult. 

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Thursday, 9 July 2015


Participate in our weekend online group training class on agricultural commodities exportation and get exposed to secret information that will make you successful and overcome the manipulations in the Nigerian non-oil commodity export market. The most important weapon of a business man is information and if you are not informed, you will be deformed.  Therefore, join other participants as we share important information that will prevent you from unduly risking or losing your hard earned business capital. 

The mistake that most business men make is the inability to learn new things and learning gives you the opportunity to get better results in your business endeavor. Set of participants for this online training are: upcoming exporters, professional exporters, corporate decision makers and investors.

We will be discussing challenges in the Nigerian Export Market and how to overcome them. Also, the discussion will be specifically expanded on major agricultural commodities traded in the Nigerian Export Market like: Hardwood Charcoal, Shea Nut, Cashew Nut, Shea Butter, Groundnut, Ginger, Garlic, Kosso Wood, e.t.c. Some of the challenges to be discussed are: Export Contract generation, maintaining buyer relationship, sourcing issues, haulaging issues, payment issues and others. This training is going to give you an informative and interactive experience.

Training Duration: The training duration is 2hours, 30 minutes for 2 days

Training Days:        The training days are Saturday and Sunday every weekend.

Subscription: To subscribe to this training programme, you will need a facebook or skype account which we can use in chatting you up for the training session.

Registration Fee:   FREE

Training Fee:          N30,000

Booking:                 To book your space, send us an e-mail to:

To your success,
Gbeke Faith
Chief Consultant
TOSFAT Concepts

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

International Usage of Shea Butter

To be successful in the shea butter export business, you need to have a concrete idea of it's international usage to determine your buyers and meet up with their specifications. Shea butter is used as a fattening agent in cosmetic products, as well as topical ointments, creams and lotions. Because of its high content of unsaponifiables, it is mostly appreciated for facial,hand and body care products, giving a very pleasant smooth feeling to the skin. 

It is also used for producing  lipstick, make-up, sunscreen formulations and preparations for sensitive skins,
due to his anti-inflammatory qualities. Shea Butter may also be used in hydrophobic (oil based) products, or in the oil phase of formulations for cosmetics, toiletries including soap industries and O.T.C. pharmaceutical preparations.

Are you an exporter of sheabutter, we can assist you with our consulting service,kindly go to: and click on "e-consulting"

If you are new to exporting, you can enjoy our training programme.Kindly go to: and click on "export training".

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Gbeke Faith
Chief Consultant
TOSFAT Concepts